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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi. I got into Trek watching TOS in syndication the summer of 1984 when I was in junior high. In one summer I got through the entire TOS and I was a Trek fan. Then I saw the first three movies on VHS, then I saw TVH many times in the theater in high school. I was a member of the fan club and got the little magazine.

I was pumped about TNG but it came on in high school when I had a job. I had a friend tape every episode for me and watched them religiously until one week when I got Wheel of Fortune instead of "Skin of Evil". I was so mad that I missed the death of Tasha Yar that I stopped trying to even watch every episode. I got into a big Star Wars kick and gave all Trek a break while I missed the entire 2nd season of TNG. Then I started tuning back in to TNG here and there but missed a lot of episodes when I went to college.

I was horrified by TFF and didn't like DS9 (but in between those TUC was good). I then realized that TV-wise, TNG had exceeded TOS as the best series. I tried to watch the first season of Voyager but realized it wasn't nearly as good as TNG either. I've seen every Star Trek film since THV on opening weekend, and I enjoyed the first three TNG movies. I stepped away from Trek again after Nemesis, but the 2009 film got me back into Trek-prime as well.

I've seen every single episode of TOS and Enterprise, and more episodes of DS9 and VOY than I ever wanted to see. Even though I still haven't seen every episode of TNG (but the majority), I know TNG is my favorite series out of them all. I have my favorite 40 TNG episodes on VHS and occassionally catch episodes I have and haven't seen on TV.
* Star Trek (09) did not erase your DVD collection from existance.
* Nick Meyer was not a Trek fan when he was hired to direct TWOK.
* TWOK-TVH was a reboot of TMP.
* Opinions are not "flaws". * Why post so much about things you hate?
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