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The Doctor Who Schematics Thread

Okay, so up next is the Time Station, Zenobia.. though I would think it should be called the Trial Statio, since if you look at the size of it, and what it was used for was nothing more then a floating court room in space..

and here is my first contribution to this thread..

as you all know I took about 2 1/2 years researching the Tardis, each step getting closer to the science and theories. Well finally here it is.. the last design..

I got a sweet little schematic in the works, and you guys are gonna love is a new "who ship design", the Great Bow ship!

plus a Rutan fighter is in the works as well. Stay tuned! and feel free to add your own schematics.

EDIT: I decided to change this image to a plain version of the Tardis Schematic..down below I will be adding the variant image, which has the background watermark design, and the Tardis ship will have the Gallifreyan text markings on it as well.

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