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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

I happen to own a set of Uss Enterprise Construction
Plans drawn by the Late L. Allen Everhart Jr. The work I'm seeing here is reminicient of those plans, the main difference is that Allen did his drawings by hand and only one view is drawn the elevation view. He broke up his drawings in different stages:

A stage: primary hull keels layed deck plates and service for decks 5 & 6 layed. Impulse engine mountings installed

B stage: Decks 5 & 6 40% completed (see notes)
Deckplates and servide for decks 4,7 & 8 layed.
Impulse engines mounted engineroom control installed.
computer linkages intergrated on decks 7 & 8

here's the notes paragraph
All compartments, except where specified are prefabricated
at a phase two assembly plant and tranported to the shipyard the units come complete with electrical, air, and water services, as well as communications and computer tie ins (audio-visual) The units are secured directly to the deck plates (see page :2)

I think that your idea to have the ship at various levels of construction in space dock is a great idea. You may also wish to take Allen's Concept further and do up a set of construction plans showing both the elevation and plan views in various stages of construction that would be wicked.

Keep up the great work looking forward to seeing more in the future.
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