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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

Got a couple interesting additions!

The Informant! - Kudos to Matt Damon. It's astounding to think that's the same actor who plays Jason Bourne. In this movie, he plays a character so utterly pathetic and dweeby, I don't think Steve Carrell could have done it better. Fun movie, if somewhat draggy in places, but I guess it's hard to make a really rip-snortin' flick about the agricultural by-products industry.

The Crazies
(2009) - Great, taut, no-nonsense thriller. Kinda reminded me of Drag Me to Hell (minus the comedy) in the way it focuses on thrills and not gore. Unlike other horror movies, where you despise the dumbass characters and want them dead, the characters in this movie do reasonably intelligent things and are sympathetic enough for you to root for them.

Timothy Olyphant is always great and it's too bad Radha Mitchell's career never really took off into big movie roles. Her IMDB listing is a whole lotta meh, since Pitch Black. Why can't action movies have intelligent leading ladies? Instead we always get the likes of Megan Fox.

However, I'm a bit confused about the ending:

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