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Re: Star Trek: Origins Adventure-Game needs Support

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ah... I see
cool site - but a bit confusing (so many links) ...
like a small treasure chest - with interesting stuff in it
At least you understand why I am limiting it to films. Even with just films, it's ... a lot. There are people who are angry It's not broader. Frankly, it's more than I can handle as it is!

When I started I thought there were about 50 or 60 fan films. When I was up to 80 I was surprised... ha ha. At this point, counting them alone is a major undertaking. I figure I'll do it again in September, ...or October. Anyway, it will be AFTER I'm placed the major Parody/Comedy groups. Major production out of Canada on those.

By the way, did you see this:

The primary organization is by time line. No matter which universe you are in, you are placed according to time line. That isn't easy for the parodies. I just started doing the Parodies because Star Track has reached a point of quality, quantity, and influence that NOT giving them a web page was just WRONG. I was ashamed of it. And there are other parodies that truly deserve it.

I also have to develop the index better. I think if you go to the real Table of Contents as opposed to the one on the side you'll find it easier to navigate. But once you know your way around the website, the links on the side are a blessing. The problem with them is, they are not a substitute for the basic table of Contents, which explains the organization in a way the sidebar can't.

Right now most of the major parodies are just being placed, and I haven't indexed them except from the parody and comedy listing. Once it's more settled they will be added to the index, side bar, formal Table of Contents, and Major Fan Film listings. I'm afraid that may make it more, not less, confusing. But the plan was for this website to serve for two to five years (and it's looking more like two) until I had a better handle on what on earth (what in space?) I was dealing with, and could attempt a more rational organization.

Some people want to be able to pick the mode of organization... click a series of buttons and you get... e.g. parodies by type (live action, cartoons, mechinima, motion comics...) then dramas in the same order, etc... pick another series of buttons and you get live action by time period, then by drama or comedy, etc. I don't have the programming ability to do that just now. But once I've got most of the basic stuff organized in the way I'm trying to do it now, I might work on that.

The bulk of releases seem to happen toward the end of the year. I'm not sure why that is, but I saw it last year, and I've been told that that is usual.

These three websites discuss games particularly:
For a discussion of Star Trek related games, see
Here's a listing of what a writer thinks are the best Star Trek games:
More on games:
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