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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Second Fleet Online is looking for new recruits to come join us! We're a pretty relaxed bunch, always ready to have fun, and we know real life comes first. We encourage a positive, laid-back atmosphere on our site, and we are a character-driven RP that just happens to be based in the Star Trek Universe. We're also an R-rated forum, and prefer our members to be eighteen or older. Don't worry about your role playing skills, as we have members at all levels, from beginners to advanced. The only thing you need is a desire to RP and a good attitude.

Our RP takes place in 2373, right before the beginning of the Dominion War. Cardassia is severely weakened from its war with the Klingon Empire, and Maquis raids. The Federation and the Klingon Empire are slowly starting to work together again, while the Romulans wait behind the Neutral Zone. And in the meantime, the Dominion plots its conquest of the Alpha Quadrant, its legions of Jem'Hadar tasked with one goal... Victory.

Currently, we have two Starfleet ships and a starbase. The USS Gambit is a Sovereign-class ship commanded by Captain Samsara Steelman. At this time, the Gambit is not accepting any new personnel. Our Miranda-class ship, the USS Theia, is commanded by Captain Rachel Embry. There are multiple junior staff positions available in all areas on the Theia. Vanguard Station, commanded by Captain Rose Kelley, lies near the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone. All junior personnel positions are open, as well as the senior staff science position. The station also comes with its own fighter squad, and there are several pilot slots that can be filled.

Finally, we intend to launch two additional ships around September. The USS Indefatigable, an Intrepid-class ship commanded by Captain Winston Cummings, has its Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer slots available, as well as numerous junior staff positions. Captain Robert Garrett will command the USS Andraste, an Akira-class ship. As of this time, only the Commanding Officer, First Officer, and Chief Medical Officer positions have been filled. All other senior and junior staff positions are available, including several fighter pilot slots.

Feel free to check us out at:, and if you have any questions, please PM me here, or e-mail the site administrators at

Second Fleet - Check it out!

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