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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

Hi! I' Re1Mu2R3 (I know. Stupid name huh? Well it has a story behind which I probably tell you guys one if these days when I've hang around here long enough to get me comfortable. ) from the Philippines and I'm a Trekker-Enthusiast.

I only got into Sci-Fi back in 07. I started with the movies then I borrowed and finished VOY from a friend and I have all dvds of TOS but haven't seen them yet. I'm currently seeing the Reimagined BSG and I'm downloading Andromeda Season 3-5. I've seen Seasons 1 and 2. I download because piracy isn't as strict in my country as it is in yours . and the value of our currency is really low so ebay or Amazon is no option for me .

I'm currently in my 4th year of College taking BS Mining Engineering but I'm not Academically excellent. Just good enough to pass.

Besides Sci-Fi, I also love Table Tennis, Eating Pesto and Salad, Reading (Mostly Psychology books and stuff by Terry Pratchett), Mega Man (Both the games and the series'), Manga (I'm not into comic books like DC and Marvel because they're really expensive in my Country. Perhaps if you could suggest a site that has scans, I could start. ), and Console gaming (I love Survival Horror games, Tenchu Series, all Mega Man games, Squaresoft games (Not Square-Enix), and most SNES RPGs). I've never touched a PS3, XBOX 360 or a Wii since, you guessed it, I can't afford them..

So that's me! ...Oh I almost forgot! I have a fetish for tall attractive, well-built women with glasses...
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