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[GAME] The Trek Screencap Game: The Screencap Incident

Welcome to the Star Trek Screencap Game!

How does this work? A Screencap from a Star Trek Series or movie will be posted and other TrekBBS members will post their guesses for which episode or movie they think it is from. The First person to guess the correct answer wins and will post the next Screencap.

Before new business, there is some old business to take care of; our scores from the Last Thread.

Contestants are listed chronologically from their first victory.

Orac: 12
Bad Atom: 23
LeadHead: 37
Garm Bel Iblis: 5
mtbillie: 10
Eyes330: 6
Canuck69: 1
Jtrek: 2
Kentrats47: 16
brian: 1
Skrain Dukat: 1

Our Top 5:

LeadHead who is suspected of being a Soong-type Android Prototype.

Bad Atom a Great Nemesis, who always brings great Photoshops.

Kentrats47: A Newcomer, who is apparently determined to keep Bad Atom and I from just playing Ping-Pong here.

Orac:I've never known what that name is supposed to mean, so I'll just guess that he is a Champion from The Klingon Empire.

mtbillie: Is there a mountain somewhere names Bllie? If so where is it?

Congratulations to all of our players, and now on with the game.
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