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Re: [GAME] The Great Trek Screencap Game: The Revenge!

And with that, we're closing the door on this thread. Don't fret I'll start a new one in a little bit. But first, time for the scores!

Contestants are listed chronologically from their first victory.

Orac: 12
Bad Atom: 23
LeadHead: 37
Garm Bel Iblis: 5
mtbillie: 10
Eyes330: 6
Canuck69: 1
Jtrek: 2
Kentrats47: 16
brian: 1
Skrain Dukat: 1

Our Top 5:

LeadHead who is suspected of being a Soong-type Android Prototype.

Bad Atom a Great Nemesis, who always brings great Photoshops.

Kentrats47: A Newcomer, who is apparently determined to keep Bad Atom and I from just playing Ping-Pong here.

Orac:I've never known what that name is supposed to mean, so I'll just guess that he is a Champion from The Klingon Empire.

mtbillie: Is there a mountain somewhere names Bllie? If so where is it?

Congratulations to all of our players, a new thread will begin soon!
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