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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

I confess I asked that with real trepidation - first not knowing how the Doctor's fight for holographic people's rights would fit into your work, and second because of the Doctor's fight - I confess I cannot think of holograms the same way.

It's odd - here in real life I would not worry about such things based on the progress we've made in holograms. But in the ST-verse it is a very real thing and sometimes the two worlds bleed in my head into a little bit of a scramble.

I cannot think about robotic arms constructing automobiles without thinking of Asimov's "I Robot" or Data and the thought they may someday be sentient - particularly given the advances made in AI. The idea that robots are people is a seed that has germinated in my head for a very long time now. Holographic people are rapidly becoming - in my way of thinking - the next "Imaginary" people to consider!

A brave new world indeed!
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