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Re: Star Trek: Tesseract -- Part II

Thanks for the review, oldstredshrtevr. That's a good question about the EMH ... and one that will be addressed. We haven't had much opportunity to get into this, but at least in this story's universe, Voyager's EMH changed everything for that program, particularly when they got home and he started fighting for "holographic rights." The "sentient holographic crew" can of worms is one Starfleet is not quite prepared to open yet on a large scale. The debate still rages back home, so while the Tesseract is equipped with holographic tools to assist in various areas, they do not have an EMH as such -- at least not one they're supposed to be using while there's still a Doctor in the house. So Bashir might not have to perform hours and hours of surgery with his own hands ... but he still has to be in charge, make the decisions, give the commands. The AI is purposefully limited.

(That said, if they ever need a real EMH, O'Connor is a hell of a programmer and spent a year on Jupiter Station doing holoengineering. It's possible she could program an entire holographic replacement crew if it ever came to that.)
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