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James Rollins's Sigma Fore: The Movie!!

I don't know if anyone else here is a fan, but they just announced yesterday that James Rollin's Sigma Force books have been optioned for a movie by Dino De Laurentiis.

Here's the announcement from his blog:
The catís out of the bag, courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter and several other blogs. The Sigma series has been optioned for film by the award-winning producer, Dino De Laurentiis. His production company produced such luminary works as Frank Herbertís Dune, the disturbing Blue Velvet, and the classic Three Days of the Condor.
And the incredibly good news, Dino didnít want a story you had seen before. He insisted on a completely new storyline for the big screen. I think you can imagine how excited I am to be able to craft a unique, film-ready story for Dino and companyÖwith hopefully more to follow.
Of course, far more details will come, but for now click here to read more about it.
I really like the fact that they're doing an original story. I'm a huge fan of the books, and I really wouldn't have wanted to see one of the books slice up the way things have to be to make the transition from page to screen.
I just hope he uses the Guild and Seichan, they are easily two of my favorite parts of the series.
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