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Star Trek: Origins Adventure-Game needs Support

my name is Werner and I'm running a Project called Star Trek: Origins. It's a "classic" Point- & Click-Adventure-Game taking place aboard the Enterprise NX-01 and which is in development for quite a time...

Inspiration for that project is and was, that there where no good adventure since a final unity out of the star trek univers ... thats a pity!

We care much about the story and the puzzles so there is not much more to see than some concept-arts and a trailer (

Slowly but surely we're reach the point where all the puzzles are done (story is final - already 6 of 9 chapters are designed), so we're in need of qualified people who might can help us, creating this new episode from ENT.
Especially we're searching for people for the following tasks:

- Background-Creation & Animation
- Sprite-/Charakter-Creation
- 3D-Cutscene-Animators
- Translators (german-english)

We're planing to use the Wintermute Adventure-Engine and all the scenes we want to do in 3D (of course including some fine-tuning within Photoshop).

Until this was a german-language project till now, there are some "barriers" to join our game... so if you can speak german this would be an advantage. We are working on the translation of all the material which we've created yet, but until this is a non-commercial-project we would more like to put our time in finishing the game, than trying to translate all the "history-stuff"

But: Because the game shall become famous to all star trek fans, a english version is obligatory... so if here is somebody who is interested to help us with the localisation - please get in contact.

Everyone who is willing to help us - we would be happy to hear from you at

Thanks in Advance
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