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Re: Babylon 5 Farscape-Style

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Why not? Crichton using the wormhole weapon showed everyone involved just how terrible they were. Even Staleek realized that they could never ever be used in a war.
But that's the point of MAD. And MAD was exactly the tactic that Chriton used.

If Chriton can use MAD to protect himself, why can't the Peacekeepers use MAD to protect themselves, or the Scarans?

No one should have that kind of power? Really, Commander Chriton, what gives you the right to make that decision? Is it your Biggest Hypocrite in the Universe Award given to you by the Hypocrite of the Month club, of which you are a founding

Aesop was that weapons don't make peace, people do. But Chriton couldn't have forced a peace without the threat of his doomsday weapon. Thus, doomsday weapons are good things that make peace. And it is wrong of Chriton to keep them to himself because sharing them could only make the universe more peaceful.

After all, it's likely that the treaty between Peacekeepers and Scarans will break down as soon as one side or the other stops fearing that Chriton might destroy the universe just to spite them (his deterrent value will be drastically reduced when he's raising a kid aboard Moya or on an out-of-the way planet that both sides can reasonably avoid attacking) and even if it doesn't the Nabari could pose problems in the near future. The deterrence factor provided by wormhole weapon proliferation would actually b ea good thing.
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