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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

EYE OF THE NEEDLE - 1x07 - 4/5

It's kind of difficult to fairly judge this episode, given that most of the suspense is ruined after the first viewing, and this is a Voyager episode I do remember quite vividly.

That said, I remember it because it's still a good episode, and even if you haven't seen the episode before, common sense would suggest you knew they were going to fail.

But what an astonishingly brutal failure it was, and I think this is what makes the episode so likeable. It's such an emotional roller coaster that results in the most depressing outcome possible.

- Voyager can't go through the wormhole because it's too small. BAM.
- Hope is built up when they realise a message can be sent.
- Further hope is generated when this succeeds.
- Oooh! We can send a transporter signal!
- No you can't, the Romulan is 20 years in the past. BAM.
- No, he can't send the messages because he's dead. BAM.

Having Tuvok coldly deliver the news adds to the impact of the revelation, and Janeway's resolution and determination is admirable.

There's some great stuff between Kes and the Doctor once again, in fact, the Doctor seems to be getting the bulk of the series' character development focus.

Overall, despite being predictable, this is an enjoyable one to watch.

EDIT: I just remembered a particularly dumb moment in this episode where it's stated the wormhole is approximately 30 centimetres in diameter, and then Harry Kim exclaims: "That's microscopic!!!"

No, 30 centimetres is not microscopic, Harry.

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