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Re: The Reactor Room (a McGuffin perhaps?)

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As to the TMP reactor, since we don't ever see where the dilithium crystals are, its entirely possible they could be further below. We just know from Spock's actions in that room that he was able to bring the main energizer back online (and thus the warp system as well).
True, but its resonable to assume that it was a dilithium control room, in TVH, we see the exact same "cynlinder prop" used as the chamber for the dilithium crystals, whats more as Spock enters the Reactor Room in TWOK we see crystal like glowing bits on the top of the cylinder, suggesting this was what it was meant to be, fair enough it could have been anything, but i think its resonable to assume that this appliance housed some form of dilithium power
I too think it is likely where the dilithium crystals are as they are tied to the main energizer.

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Anyone got any ideas about what I wrote in my last post?

Another thing, How did they remove Spock's body without, as McCoy stated "Flooding the whole compartment"? would there be some kind of "Decontamination System" (if so why did they not just use that in the first place?) and although it sounds pretty grim, Spock's body would still be emitting lethal levels of radiation, did they simply beam him into the Photon Tube?

IIRC, Captain Esteban voiced concerns of radiation contamination in TSFS ("We're picking up radiation from the lifeform Saavik"), would this radiation be "Planetary Radiation" or residue from Spock?
Interestingly in the HD version of TWOK, you can see the warning label for that room that reads "Warning Do Not Enter. Allow 2 hours after engine shutdown." So it looks like the radiation in the room can be decontaminated in 2 hours but only after the warp engine was taken offline. Since they were still running away from the Genesis explosion, they couldn't do that. Once the Enterprise dropped out of warp, they could start decontaminating the room, including Spock's body.

As to the radiation lifeform on Genesis, IIRC, it was from the super grown worms that were clinging to the photon casing. Spock was the detected "second lifeform" and I don't think they mentioned any radiation coming from him.
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