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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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One thing I really liked about the Eclipse movie was how they handled Riley.

In the book, he just shows out of nowhere and is first named during the final battle. But in the movie, they show much more of Riley's background, his family, him getting vamped, and there are actually scenes with Riley building the army. The actor also did a good job. I thought Xavier Samuel made a more convincing villain than Bryce Dallas Howard's Victoria.
It seems this is a theme in the Twilight movies, the secondary characters get a lot more attention than the secondary ones. Along the same lines, as I understand it, the "bad vampires" in the first movie just showed up at the end of the book/at the ballgame but in the movie the director/writer had the intercut scenes of the vampires coming towards Forks.

But damn, the Vampire Bride Killing Spree thing would've made for an awesome movie, or even the Civil War Vampire dude, hell I could watch an entire movie of Alice pitching a baseball in the Cullen's vampire baseball play. Anything secondary in this movie series I'd much rather watch than what the central focus of these movies is.
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