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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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And underlying the concern for one but not the other is the chauvinistic notion that women need to be protected from this sort of thing.
I agree that that's a factor, though I'd argue that in most stereotypically male-centric cultural stuff (Halo, 007, Trek even), there are core values of serving the greater good, unlike Meyer's fantasies.
Wait what?

I'm sorry, but nobody needs to justify their fantasy or their entertainment with the notion it has 'core values of serving the greater good'. It's entertainment; not a sermon. And there is plenty of stuff that's exceedingly popular with teenage boys that is, ah, downright immoral.

The Grand Theft Auto series, for example. What sort of inspiring core values does that teach? Damned if I care; I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise but I've enjoyed them myself since my eye-opening experience just running around a city hitting people with a bat in III.

But heck, if I need inspiring core values, I can pretty much chuck half the cultural detrius that is my entertainment in the sewer. So long, Kind Hearts and Coronets. Fare thee well, Oscar Wilde. It's just a very contentious notion to maintain, frankly.

Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her "Edward". I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her "Twilight" book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML
And there are guys who have married virtual avatars. There's always going to be people who confuse and conflate fantasy and reality in any sufficiently large fandom.
'Spock is always right, even when he's wrong. It's the tone of voice, the supernatural reasonability; this is not a man like us; this is a god.'
- Philip K. Dick
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