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Re: [First Contact] Question about the Borg

I think like many of the other posters in this thread have suggested, "The Borg ignore a species or individual(s) until it is deemed worthy of assimilation, such as displaying an interesting ability (Arturis Species linguistic skills) or a technological curiosity (The Hansens and their "Bio Dampeners")

It really depends, I guess the Borg as a collective make decisions based on an overall majority (gathering the various action that different species in the collective would take and then applying them based on risk factors, resources and probability of success)

IIRC in "Dark Frontier" Seven mentioned that the Borg should let the "assimilation fugitives" go, since it would use up uneccassary resources (which suggests that the Borg prepare for species assimilation with a "Resource Budget" and don't expend it, perhaps logically considering that they have the majority of the species as drones and a few individuals wouldn't be worth expending energy over in an attempt to "complete the set", this interestingly enough, contradicts the "perfection philosophy" that the Borg are so obsessed with)
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