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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise


I'm really averse to adding any detailing that "calls forward" to ST:TMP or anything beyond that.

For this reason, there's no "aztec" hull pattern on the model - that was a paint scheme that Paul Olsen came up with for the refit after the model had been constructed. So I use a rather random, rectangular plate pattern.

I admit to reusing some of my generic ST:TMP plating maps on areas of the vessel where the TMP pattern was always more random and less distinct. I suppose I'm a little lazy, or anxious to get the work done, or both.

The major exception, right now, to referencing later versions of the ship is the glow on the warp grilles...and I may eliminate that. One of the Loos construction photos looks as if there may have been a reflective Mylar surface applied to them.
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