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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

I saw the film on Monday afternoon...I've seen bits and pieces of the first one and saw the second one once in theaters. My wife has read the books but isn't a diehard fan...she treats it like a guilty pleasure.

I have to say, I enjoyed Eclipse more than the previous two...the sad thing is, as many others have said earlier, the only thing that I could have done without is all the Bella/Edward/Jacob stuff...all the other secondary plots are interesting.

And regarding the romantic stuff, I think it would work better if you aged up the three leads to their mid-twenties...have Bella a recent college grad or something instead of a high schooler. I'd be more willing to buy into the whole "give up my mortal existence for love" bit if she were a bit older...but then, would the books be as successful if they weren't targeted to teens?
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