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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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Romanticlly challenged?

Yep. I'm romanticlly challenged because I don't like a relationship where the woman has to give up everything she is and her entire family to be with man she loves; who loves her so much he refuses to kill her.

Yeah, I'm romanticlly challenged.
No, 'romantically challenged' because you haven't had much success with women. It's cool, we have jackets.

There's nothing wrong, of itself, with pointing out the various ways in which Twilight fails to serve as a guide to healthy relationships; but why the hysteria? Women like trash too, always have. A not insignificant percentage of all romance novels ever written - and which are written almost exclusively by women - include scenes which border on rape. The 'male conquers/subdues the reluctant female' motif is everywhere. There are powerful psychological hooks here which don't correlate at all with anything even vaguely resembling morality. And vampire fiction has long been a vehicle for the exploration of the darker sides of human sexuality; Buffy built its feminist mythos first and foremost by subverting that. Twilight is not a recipe for healthy living, but neither is Halo. The notion that young girls are going to grow up with fundamentally warped notions of romance and sexuality from reading Twilight is no less absurd than the notion that young males are going to grow up to be psychopaths from playing Street Fighter. And underlying the concern for one but not the other is the chauvinistic notion that women need to be protected from this sort of thing. We men know best, y'see?

Seeing this movie the other night did prompt me to watch the first two movie again, with Rifftrax, forgot how funny they are.
So you've seen all the films, and two of them more than once. Are you sure you don't like Twilight? It's ok, we're here for you.
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