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Re: The Reactor Room (a McGuffin perhaps?)

I wonder how much this affected the design of the ST3 Klingon bridge. Major elements of the TMP one had now been scavenged for sets that played a role in that movie: the torpedo room and engineering of the hero ship featured them (even if only in stock footage). Re-scavenging them might not have been desirable, not even when it was known that the hero ship would be destroyed in this movie; recreating them might be too much work, too. So generic, flat walls with standard scifi greeblies were quickly thrown together, then camouflaged with the remaining pieces of Klingon hardware (mainly the swiveling chairs and some consoles).

The alternative explanation is that the ST3 bridge deliberately went for a different look, in support of the briefly pondered storyline where the ship wasn't Klingon at all. But one'd have to know details of construction timeline and studio practices for assessing that theory.

It could also simply be that the makers of ST3 hated the TMP looks and went for something more akin to TOS, with colored lights and all. But ST4 returned to a close match for the TMP aesthetics, with the same makers involved, so this may not be a good theory.

They did re-scavenge the ST2 chamber ceiling lights for Klingon transporter room lights in ST4...

Timo Saloniemi
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