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Re: Babylon 5 Farscape-Style

Ensign_Redshirt wrote: View Post
- Early in Season 3, John Sheridan would be accidentally duplicated by the Great Machine on Epsilon 3. One of them stays on Babylon 5 and fights against President Clark (along with Ivanova, Garibaldi, Franklin), while the other flies around with the White Star (along with Delenn, Lennier, Marcus) and battles the Shadows. White Star Sheridan starts a relationship with Delenn until he is killed fighting the Shadows on Z'ha'dum (and doesn't come back from the dead).

- Michael Garibaldi would be a Star Trek fan instead of a Duffy Duck fan.

- Somewhere along the line, Bester would completely switch sides until he finally sacrifice his life in an heroic effort to defeat Clark and the Psi Corps.
You know what, I would love to watch that.

Technobuilder wrote: View Post
It would of been an interesting show.

Another thing to add to the list of shows & movies to bring back from my travels through a Quantum Mirror. (Best idea ever)

Along with all 7 seasons of Firefly
Doctor Who: featuring Paul McGann (4 series)

If only that could actually happen. But you left out the most obvious: Farscape's season 5 (instead of being truncated into a mini-series)!
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