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Re: Early "Inception" Reviews

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Inception looks like it might be the ultimate Chris Nolan movie -- packing the intelligence and plot experimentation/sophistication of his earlier movies like Memento and The Prestige with the big-budget awesomeness of the Batman movies. My hope is that if Inception does well, Nolan will truly be given cart blanche and we'll start seeing even more intellectual blockbusters. After an abysmal summer, we definitely need them.
It definitely reminds me of "The Dark Knight" just stick Batman in the movie and have Leo be revealed as the Mad Hatter.

-The Asian monastery
-Giant action piece with a run away vehicle(Train this time)
-The colors
-The way characters move around their surrounding.

"I am impressed"

That scene at the end of the Tv spot with a guy firing a gun into the air.
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