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Re: Early "Inception" Reviews

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Who releases a devilishly complex movie in the summer?
Awesome people, clearly.

Though really I'd like to think that if anything that's a needed corrective to the summer lineup. Nolan is very good at making smart fun - Memento could have been a dry puzzle, but it isn't. If anyone could pull off that sort of idea, it'd probably be him.

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Some people are saying this but it seems to be those who haven't seen its take. In 5 days its made $70m on a $150m budget, it'll be over $100m by next Monday. Hardly a dud. It seems the only signs people see are the bad reviews that aren't actually stopping moviegoers from attending.
That's fair enough. But M. Night Shyalaman isn't exactly a review-proof director, unlike the Transformers and Twilight franchises... but then again, maybe the cartoon franchise his film is part of has similar legs. I'd hardly know.
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