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Re: Early "Inception" Reviews

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It may be a good movie but I'm unsure if its going to be a financial break out of summer.
2-Toy Story 3, Twilight and Airbender are still going to be challenges to overcome.
All signs point to the last being a dud of M. Night Shyalaman porportions; though point taken about the first two. Inception may well be a film that isn't very popular or accessible...
Some people are saying this but it seems to be those who haven't seen its take. In 5 days its made $70m on a $150m budget, it'll be over $100m by next Monday. Hardly a dud. It seems the only signs people see are the bad reviews that aren't actually stopping moviegoers from attending.

I'll be curious to see how Inception does. I can't say I'm eager to rush out to it though. Nolan hasn't had a huge commerical hit that didn't have the protaganist in a cowl. Outside of Titanic, Leo hasn't had a $200m hit. This movie will either be a perfect storm that ignores those trends or it follows suit. I'm leaning on the latter.
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