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Re: The Reactor Room (a McGuffin perhaps?)

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Howzzat for a rationalization?
Thats a pretty good explanation!

I'm still curious however, the film was delibarately vague in terms of "Treknobabble" (I guess they wanted the plot to focus more on the story) So we never actually had the function explained, normally in an episode of Star Trek, the problem would be explained and a solution would be proposed and carried out, as a result, many people are confused as to the significance of the room

As for the "Plexiglass" does anyone know if its even possible that a material of this kind could contain lethal levels of radiation?

Another thing, How did they remove Spock's body without, as McCoy stated "Flooding the whole compartment"? would there be some kind of "Decontamination System" (if so why did they not just use that in the first place?) and although it sounds pretty grim, Spock's body would still be emitting lethal levels of radiation, did they simply beam him into the Photon Tube?

IIRC, Captain Esteban voiced concerns of radiation contamination in TSFS ("We're picking up radiation from the lifeform Saavik"), would this radiation be "Planetary Radiation" or residue from Spock?
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