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Re: Early "Inception" Reviews

Cinema doesn't get much purer than INCEPTION.
Inception is a masterpiece.
...suffice it to say that "Inception" is an exhilarating cinematic experience
Eh. Might give it a rental.


Though seriously, this was about the only big Hollywood movie coming out this summer that looked even the slightest bit good (aside from Pixar's latest offering). So you can count this down as my second film of the summer, as I've both seen and enjoyed Toy Story 3. Nolan is mostly someone who does well by me; he's pretty much able to craft the sort of summer blockbuster that we should have as standard - stuff that's fast and exciting but also with interesting characters and narratives.

Also what little I've heard of the film implies it's some sort of mindscrew... I love those.

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It may be a good movie but I'm unsure if its going to be a financial break out of summer.
2-Toy Story 3, Twilight and Airbender are still going to be challenges to overcome.
All signs point to the last being a dud of M. Night Shyalaman porportions; though point taken about the first two. Inception may well be a film that isn't very popular or accessible... but then again, Nolan is also good at making films that sound like they'd play to five people in a deserted arthouse fairly popular; considering the high concept nature of say, Memento.
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