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The Reactor Room (a McGuffin perhaps?)

(you can view the picture in the gallery section under Starship Interiors (TWOK engineering), since Ex-Astris won't allow hotlinking, i've had to edit)

Observe, a room that made its debut in TWOK, seemingly with no purpose except to provide a way for Spock to sacrifice himself heroically and seperate Kirk and Spock during the touching "Last Words Scene"

What exactly is its function? From what I understand (which I also used to contribute to the article on MA) the room is a control room for the dilithium crystals, the cylinder object contains the dilithium crystals, which then connects to the intermix chamber

In TWOK, after the skirmishes with Khan, we see that the room is flooded with Radiation (Scotty goes into the room to shut off the Warp Drive, before passing out from Radiation Poisoning), then Spock enters the room, checks whats happening on the computer panels and then removes the top from the cylinder device, releasing a massive build up of radiation....and we know the rest

I'm curious though, was this function present in any form prior to 2285? in TMP theres no indication this room was present (i'd imagine that the set was built specifically for TWOK) and later in the franchise (we do see the cylinder device reused for the Klingon BOP dilithium chamber) we see no indication of rooms like this (not even on the E-A)

So does anyone have any information or ideas as to the function of this room from a technologial point of view?

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