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Re: more unnoticed things

Noticed in watching Naked Time on blu-ray, the scene where the nurse is holding Spock's face in her hands, the elaborately manicured thumbnail on the left looks about an inch and a half long but the one on the right looks about 3/4 of an inch long or less. It's obviously been broken off and only partially repaired. Once noticed, it then becomes forever noticed by me. I've had to convince myself it's a 23rd century fad, like the men's sideburns, so I can stop seeing it to the exclusion of the intense facial expressions and dialogue. It definitely does take away some of the awe I used to feel many years ago, being able to examine each moment in minute detail.

Saw on You Tube where someone had even posted a screenshot of Spock's pink underpants. The comments made me laugh out loud, but I sometimes long for the good old days when there was still mystery.
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