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Re: "Star Trek: Phase II" Enterprise

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Very nice work, I really like what you did with the bussard collectors/nacelle front cap.
Thanks. I was never satisfied that I understood from the various color renderings done by Mike Minor exactly what was intended for those nacelle caps.

Some versions of his painting suggest that they might be hull-colored. Others render them as black with blue highlights, in a fashion similar to the main deflector dish (another problematic feature).

The model as constructed showed them as opaque.

And the infamous "23rd Century Odyssey Today" movie poster (which I barely used as reference, at all) shows them as black with blue highlights.

Problem there was that the hull-colored version was boring and the blue-black versions fade into the surrounding dark space leaving visual "holes" in the model.

So...I cheated.

Probably the biggest intentional cheat on my version. I just installed the blinky lights from the TOS ship in the nacelle caps, using the dark blue color scheme on the caps to filter the light.

And, through the miracle of CG, there's a rotating "fan blade" effect installed - even though on a physical model built in 1978 the shape of the nacelle caps would have prevented that apparatus from working.

Changed the conditions of the test, so to speak.
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