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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

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Heya people! I'm a TOS fan and Spock lover That's a brilliant smilie btw I also rather like smilies, as you may have already guessed.
I'm watching my way through Next Gen and Voyager at the moment. Well, Voyager from the point where Seven shows up.

What else..? I love nu!trek, apart from the abomination that is Spock/Uhura! OMG I just figure he didn't know Kirk yet, and he needed some comfort. I mean, she doesn't even know how Vulcans kiss, how long can it really last?
Not a Kes fan then?

I tend to agree. When Seven first makes her very first appearance on the Cube in Scorpion 2 I start to feel the tingle of anticipation. (disgusting at my age )

I once had a "discussion" on another forum; Kes v Seven and the guy got quite emotional when I suggested that he preferred his ladies just a little more submissive . He thought I was getting too personal about his sexuality.
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