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Re: Sanctuary... No love in the forums?

It's fun and I enjoy the way I enjoy Lost World or Relic Hunter, I don't need it to be perfect.

I enjoyed the first season a bit better, it had it's own style and a subtle creepyness. I found the second season focused a little too much on gun fights for the sake of gun fights. I can see car chases on any show.

I don't miss Ash, I found her pretty one-dimensional, although John had kind of pointed that out so sort of intentional. I like Kate better, she has an actual personality and likes and dislikes. I miss John. I find Nicola a hoot.

Mediocre CGI and lots of stock footage bought off the internet (or made from clip art) it's a low budget production that is just a bit of fun. It has good and bad episodes just like Trek.
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