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Re: What would a half-Andorian, half-Vulcan child look like?

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By the way, if anyone happens to be looking for an example of a circular argument...not to point a finger at anyone in particular, but this thread is one:

"What would an Andorian-Vulcan hybrid look like?"
"That's impossible, two different humanoid species could never breed."
"But they have on Trek."
"But that doesn't make sense, they shouldn't have been able to."
"But they have...therefore, in the Star Trek universe, it's possible. So what would an Andorian-Vulcan hybrid look like?"
"That's impossible, two different species could never breed."

Click the link above to learn what a circular argument really is. The jist is that you start with an unsupported claim you present as a fact and use it justify another claim which in turn is supported by the original claim.


The Christian God is real because it says so in the Bible.

The Bible is true because it is the word of God.

TiberiusMaximus, did you miss all the explanations as to WHY it is not possible for two creatures with radically different physiologies to produce natural offspring?

You need to go back and reread the thread. There is no circular argument here. Biology is plenty well enough understood to know that hybrids are only possible among extremely close species - and that is between species with identical body chemistry. Imagine the absurdity of hybrids between species with different blood chemistry, different blood pressures, different body temperatures - on top of morphological differences and organs in different locations.
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