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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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I've found another thing to dislike as well. What is with them suddenly(?) being broken apart like marble statues? I don't recall James from the first movie breaking apart like that. With the sparkling, daylight and marble like quality I just don't like much of Meyer's version of vamps.
In the books, Bella describes the vampires as having skin like marble. I think they made the vampires so marble like in Eclipse because they were ripping off heads and arms in the final battle. They probably didn't want it to be too bloody. I was pleasantly surprised at how violent it was, with limbs flying off like that.

The Volturi seem like a good heavy if they were really cut loose. I'd love to hear more about Carlysle's life with them, before and after. Jasper and Marie's story could play like an Angelus/Darla affair. Now what about Emmet and Alice? I really need more on Alice.
We never really learn much about Emmett in the books. He is the big strong guy with a sense of humor. We find out about Alice's history in the first book. They never showed her flashback in the first movie for some stupid reason. Hopefully, they will add in an Alice flashback in the next movie since they are doing it in two parts.
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