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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

Okay so this series as far as a cinematic experience has gotten better each time out.

Twilight was a C-
New Moon a B-
Eclipse a B+

I've yet to actually pay for one of these movies out of my own pocket. I'm asked to go and treated so my lady friends will not have to be alone. I need to start seeing if I can pull this stunt with action and sci-movies? But I digress.

There are still to many flowery speeches about romance and true love that ring hollow. They come off as spoken by people who haven't really known love or heartache to be able to appreciate love.

I'm going to miss making fun of Jasper. The first two films he looked constipated the whole time and said maybe 3min of dialoge. This film revealed him as one true badass. Where are the TEAM JASPER shirts? He's now my second favorite male Cullen after Carlysle(sp?).

There were a few good one liners but the best had to be the "I am hotter than you line" by Jacob.

I've found another thing to dislike as well. What is with them suddenly(?) being broken apart like marble statues? I don't recall James from the first movie breaking apart like that. With the sparkling, daylight and marble like quality I just don't like much of Meyer's version of vamps.

The Volturi seem like a good heavy if they were really cut loose. I'd love to hear more about Carlysle's life with them, before and after. Jasper and Marie's story could play like an Angelus/Darla affair. Now what about Emmet and Alice? I really need more on Alice.
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