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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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The blonde vampire girl tells a story about how she was raped by her fiancee and his friends, turned into a vampire (through a means I wasn't clear on) while laying in agony in the alley and then she went on a killing-spree against the beau and buds.
Edward's dad found her dying on the street, so he changed her to save her life.

Jasper tells a story of how he was made into a vampire to try and help the Confederates win the Civil War but also has his regrets about what he's done and the loss of his humanity and mortality.
No. No. It wasn't about winning the Civil War. The book goes into some more detail. The vampire armies were being created in the south because of vamps want territory. The more land they controlled, the more humans they could use as sheep. There was a huge epic war between vampire clans. It was turning into a bloodbath with thousands of humans getting killed in the conflict.

The Volturi got pissed since no one was trying to hide anymore. They came to America and slaughtered all the vampires that were causing all the trouble. Creating vampire armies is very illegal to this day.
Okay, okay, I muddied the details. Regardless they both pretty much say, "Being a vampire sucks, don't become one of us."
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