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Saavik was not raised on Vulcan and didn’t know anything about Vulcan death traditions.
If Saavik wasn’t raised as a Vulcan, what’s with the Vulcan logic stuff like “Humor is a difficult concept, it is not logical” and “This is not logical, these coordinates are deep inside a lifeless planet”?
I didn't say that Saavik wasn't raised as a Vulcan. The novelization states that she wasn't raised on Vulcan. You only quoted one statement meant to serve as a summary of a paragraph in previous post. Here's what that quote was referring to:

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I’ll also add that although it as not revealed by the film, the novelizations states that Saavik is only half-Vulcan (and half-Romulan). She was 10-year-old orphan when she was rescued from an abandoned Romulan colony by Spock sometime in the years after the five-year mission of TOS. Spock made sure she was taken care of and sponsored her enrollment in Starfleet Academy. Despite the fact that she was trained in the Vulcan language and general (logical) way of life, she had never actually been to Vulcan before the end of TSFS and had not learned about Vulcan mysticism regarding death and afterlife...
I admit even that seems thin, but Saavik's half-Vulcan nature did actually originate in TWOK script although there is no mention of it in the final product of the movie. I think that he half-Romulan orphan backstory was included in the novelization of TWOK to explain why Saavik was crying at Spock's funeral (at the director's insistance because of the emotional impact it has on the scene - think about it - if a Vulcan is crying, then the death of Spock is really sad). Then, the same author used that backstory again in TSFS novelization to explain why Saavik hadn't questioned if Spock had transfered his katra to anyone or had wondered why Spock's body hadn't been returned to Vulcan.
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