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Re: My Conclusions

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Saavik was not raised on Vulcan and didn’t know anything about Vulcan death traditions.
If Saavik wasn’t raised as a Vulcan, what’s with the Vulcan logic stuff like “Humor is a difficult concept, it is not logical” and “This is not logical, these coordinates are deep inside a lifeless planet”?
She wasn't raised "on Vulcan", but she has certainly been force fed lots of Vulcan heritage "as a Vulcan" by Spock, Sarek and Amanda since her rescue from Hellguard.

While we’re talking about it, if the coordinates are so far beneath the surface, what’s the relevance of the planet’s lack of a natural ecosystem?
They were examining the last coordinates entered into the transporter, expecting them to designate a region of the surface of uninhabitable Regula, a planet with no natural ecosystem. But the coordinates were bizarrely "deep inside", which is when they realize that there must be a cavern of some kind, perhaps capable of preserving life, but inside the planetoid. ie. the Genesis Cave.
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