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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

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So a B+ from me. The next movies-well I hope they do revise some of it, because there is some bad crap a comin'
I'm sure they'll have to gimp some of the stuff I presume will happen in the next movie. As I've said I'll be very interested in seeing how they handle it.

As for the abstinence thing, that's probably the "one" thing I can get-behind when it comes to this movie/book series and that's hardly a Mormon/LDS thing that's just a good life-practice thing. Nothing against people who choose to have sex before marriage, I did it, but still abstinenece before marriage is hardly a "bad thing" to teach coming from someone who is LDS or not.

The movie series does have some very strong anti-female messages. Number one being that Bella cannot "completely be with" Edward unless she gives up everything that she is. She has to give up her family, her friends and her very life. Infact, in the movies so far it seems like she's building her entire personality around not having any future of her own and rather a future with a boy she fell in love with.

In High School.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff that happens in this movie and interpret what it might be telling the target audience, teenage girls.

Bella consults with her friends both directly and indirectly what she should do with her life post High School/with Jacob.

The blonde vampire girl tells a story about how she was raped by her fiancee and his friends, turned into a vampire (through a means I wasn't clear on) while laying in agony in the alley and then she went on a killing-spree against the beau and buds. As Cracked put it, Kill-Bill with vampires! (Tell me that wouldn't have been an awesomely better movie!) But she laments on how much she regrets killing, how it solved nothing, and she doesn't much care for her "life" as a vampire. She pretty much tells Bella: don't do it.

Jasper tells a story of how he was made into a vampire to try and help the Confederates win the Civil War but also has his regrets about what he's done and the loss of his humanity and mortality.

Jacob, one of Bella's oldest friends, tells her at every turn not to do it, granted he's dong this partly for selfish reasons because he wants Bella for himself but at the same time he doesn't want her to die and become a monster.

Edward at every opportunity has told Bella he doesn't want to change her and that she's much better off remaining human. (The Venturi Fey Coven of Gothicistic Vampires not withstanding.) So pretty much everyone she knows has been telling her she's making the wrong choice. That she's eighteen damn years old and that she's making a bad decision and she shouldn't do it.

The we get to Hottie McCutie's valedictorian speech where she pretty much says, "Graduate high-school, do whatever you want, fuck-up your life and figure it all out later."

So, go ahead, Bella get yourself killed and give up everything your life could be and stands for because you want to feel a sparkly, cold, penis inside you. Becuase, hey, this part of your life is about making mistakes that you can just fix or work out later.

Except for the being undead part, the craving blood part, the never seeing your family again part and all of the other hurdles that come with being a vampire in this universe. (And yes, I'm aware of what "really" happens when Bella is changed but from her POV she, nor Edward, knows this will be the case.)

I just don't get it! Why is this supposed to be romantinc? Why is this girl giving up everything that she is for high-school boyfriend supposed to be romantic? Why am I supposed to want this relationship to occur? What reason is there to be on "Team Edward"? And, yes, I'm a 31-year-old man without children so I'm likely not in a position to "get it" but many adult mothers have wrapped themseleves up into this "romance" and many parents seem to encourage girls being all swoony over Edward and thinking he's a great guy for Bella.

Why is he such a great guy? Because he won't killl her?! WTF?! If that's all it takes to impress women these days I've got it made. "Hey baby, I promise to love your forever, and do anything for you you want, but I won't kill you."

Jesus, it's like a fucked-up version of a Meat Loaf song.

So after saying all of this it could be infered that I'm on "Team Jacob." But I'm not. Forced to pick a side I'm on Team Edward.

But Trekker, you say, how can that be?! You just posted all this stuff about how fucked-up Bella's and Edward's relationship is! Well, true. At the same time Bella's such a daft idiot after being told by everyone not to do this, she doesn't share "all of the facts" with her parents, she knows what risks come with being changed and yet she wants to do it anyway because her crotch itches for Edward. She like a battered woman who keeps going back to an abusive husband despite being given countless opportunity to get out of the relationship. "I can't leave him, he won't do it to me again! He promised, really promised this time!" I can't feel sorry for her after all of this. Jacob is too good for her. He's a far better looking guy (I'm man enough to admit it), he's actualy alive, he seems to really care about her and, oh, he can have sex with her without possibly killing her and their child being a chest-burster alien demon. Jacob deserves better than Bella who is so awesome and perfect that after her first day at a new school she's the most popular girl ever! But yet she's got all of the personality of the damp towel laying on the floor of my bathroom.

Jacob, buddy, go after Hottie McValedictorian. Oh, and buy a goddamn shirt!
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