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Re: Dominion War Episodes Only

In the end, Navaros is right - DS9 is such an arc-based, serialized show that even episodes that seemingly have nothing to do with the Dominion arc are still part of its tapestry.

When I was a teenager I once edited together a VHS tape of all the Dominion episodes from seasons 2, 3, and 4. I think I included The Jem'Hadar, The Search, The Abandoned, Defiant, Heart of Stone, Improbable Cause, The Die Is Cast, The Adversary, and The Way of the Warrior. And then I ran out of tape. But even then I realized I could have added Rules of Acquisition and Visionary, perhaps even Sanctuary and Shadowplay for some early references.

Just go for the gusto and watch it from beginning to end.
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