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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #3 Heads up!

I've always been a fan of The Lion King, so:

Morn: Remember...who you are.... (starts to fade)

Odo: Morn? (reaches out)

Morn: Remember....

Odo: MORN!

Morn: Remember....

Odo: Don't leave us....

Morn: ...Remem...ber....



(As "Eye Of The Tiger" plays on speakers)

Jadzia: I Am The Man! WHO IS THE MAN? WHO...IS...THE MAN?!?!

Ezri: (off camera) I always suspected she had an identity crisis....

Quark: JAKE--I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!

Jake: Really? Let's hear it!

Quark: We're talking seven bars of latinum.

Jake: Hmm...I'm listening.

Quark: Okay, look--I need someone with a voice to give the bar the best review it's ever had! See, business has been dying lately, and--

Jake: Woah, hold on there, brother. I'll have to clear it with my dad, first--

Quark: GAH! that really necessary?

Jake: Uh...why not?'re trying to get new bidders for those vole fights again...?

Quark: No! I wouldn't think of it!

Jake: Good.

"CHIEF, Fox News is shorting out again! NOW do you believe me, that there's a left-wing conspiracy in Starfleet?!?"

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