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Re: Casting Superman?

^Absolutely. Thanks to creative camera angles, there are millions of moviegoers all over the world who are completely unaware that Tom Cruise is a midget!

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The correct answer is Jon Hamm:

Ghaa! He's not wearing his glasses! He's exposed his secret identity!

Personally, I'd like to see Brandon Routh back. But then, I'd also like to see Bryan Singer back. I loved Superman Returns. It wasn't perfect but neither were the Christopher Reeve movies. And since they've had a movie to work out the kinks, I think Singer & Routh could give us something really special for their follow-up. Alas...

I'd still like to see Routh back with another director, but that would also depend greatly on the kind of story that they plan on telling. Is it going to be an older, established Superman or a young man showing us the emotional journey of how he became the hero we all know & love? How much backstory are we going to get? How deeply intwined will this movie be with the mythology for its potential sequels? Until I know that, I can't reasonably pick out a Superman.
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