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Re: Casting Superman?

The fact that boring, talentless Routh is willing tells us the problem: that there's no obviously right candidate for Supes on the horizon. They'll just have to roll the dice again with an unknown.

This time it would really help if they had writers and a director who aren't afraid to embrace the Superman story at its core (Truth, Justice and the American Way). To de-racinate the story to make it appeal to a global audience just results in unappetizing mush, so why bother?

I'll tell ya what the global audience wants: something that does have a core, however broadly defined, and has the courage of its convictions. This core doesn't have to be sophisticated or deep - it can just be a gloss, with visual spectacle and action providing most of the entertainment - but it does have to be present. All the slam-bang SFX in the world won't disguise that dreadful whiff of hypocrisy and chickenshit-ness in a movie with no core. Avatar is a good example of a shallow-but-earnest message in an otherwise visual/action oriented movie.

Here's hoping the producers of Captain America understand all this.
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