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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

Yeah, it'd have been interesting to see his take on all of them. Though, I can't deny that Catherine Hardwicke's take on the first film is a guilty pleasure of mine. I've re-watched it many times, flaws and all. She did a great job with what little money she had. And she imbued the movie with something "non-real" and beautifully juxtaposed the real/mundane world of the high school with the sinister/magical world of the vampires. None of that was the case with New Moon.

Anyway, I'm at a loss about M. Night though. WTF is he doing? I really thought he'd give Airbender an honest try.... but the reviews are horrific. 9% on the RT meter? What gives? We were supposed to go see it tonight but we're re-thinking the plan.

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