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Why bother trying to keep a public gallery private? I'm not getting the logic.
So my pics aren't seen on the internet, *Notices the avatar* Jay!

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^yes, Teakirk needs to change the settings on his albums to make them public instead of private.
I actually prefer having my album private sorry and I'm a she btw and I've set up a guest password(For guests only to use I guess), it's Pikachu and I've changed my current log in password (Of course I'm not telling)

and now can I get comments about how good my artwork is please?
Nice to finally meet a another Pokemon fan here

yep that works i can and now not be able to get full access to your photobucket account

Walter Koienig Would be very happy to know theres at least 1 Chekov Fan girl
Yep, I just find Chekov so cute, he happens to be my favorite character besides Kirk and yeah I'm pretty much a Pokemanic, *Hugs pikachu plushie*
Guest Password-Pikachu(It's not my real login password, it's for guest use only)
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