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Re: What Song Are You Listening to Right Now

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^ Oh man, that is awesome!
I remembered them singing "Ballroom Blitz" but had never listened to any of their other stuff. That is great!
"Ballroom Blitz" is great, in its own way, but it's mostly a joke song about what happened when an audience familiar only with their bubblegum songs showed up at a gig where they were in full glam and playing tunes they'd written themselves. Check out their (original) version of "No You Don't" and compare to Pat Benatar's cover from a few years later.


Another blast from the past: LTD - "(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love"

The choreography is both ridiculous and awesome.
The motto of the Corbettite Order seems to be Ite Animose... a Latin phrase that can be translated as "go courageously." Alternatively, it can be rendered as "boldly go," which bears a striking resemblance to a phrase heard during the opening credits of a certain popular television series.

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