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Re: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - Discussion and Grading

I just have to say this: as a long time Trekkie, I do not expect my fellow Trekkies on a Trek board to have such condescending attitudes toward the fans and the mytharc of Twilight. Have we forgotten how WE are treated by society on the whole?

I know I haven't forgotten.

I'll say this though: two fellow Trekkies on this very board (Dennis and Trekker) got me to watching the first movie early this year by recommending it as a pretty good popcorn -- yes, popcorn -- flick and I'm grateful for that. I had avoided it before that as a teen flick. I watched it and loved it -- flaws and all. I treat Twilight as entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. And it entertains me greatly.

As for vampires. Please. I grew up in India, and the vampiric lores there are just as varied and as "preposterous" as anything you can find in Stephenie Meyer's badly written tomes. Point: it's all FICTION. Sure, these dudes sparkle. Why not? What's wrong with it? Who's gonna prove it wrong? You? Me? Who? It's not like any of us have actually met one

Finally, as a woman, I'm just way happy that a "girlie" franchise is finally making so much g-d money. Seriously, guys, can't you just be happy for us? 'Cos, ya know, if we're happy, you're happy... right?
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