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Re: The Last Airbender - Grading & Discussion

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Acting was not as bad as I expected. The biggest problem was the characters had nothing to do. They either just stood there or recited bad exposition. Katara was by far the worst. She was a pale pale imitation of her former self.
Interesting choice of words, considering the casting controversies...

Sokka had nothing to do. Sokka is supposed to be a sort of Xander character. There is a lot going on beneath Sokkas surface then we see. I think the actor could have done it with good writers. But no Sokka just stands there!!!
Not surprising that Shyamalan has no idea what to do with a comic-relief character.

Zuko was the best of child actors.
Perhaps because he's 20 years old. But then, Sokka is played by a 25-year-old.
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